UVEX SPORTSTYLE 202 RACE VARIO – black / variomatic litemirror blue Eyewears


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عینک فوتوکرومیک یووکس Sportstyle 202 Race Vario با پل و دسته های قابل تنظیم به صورت عالی روی هر صورتی در هر شرایطی فیت میشود. لنزهای این عینک واریوماتیک بوده و نسبت به شرایط محیط تغیرر رنگ میدهد.

ویژگی های عینک Uvex Sportstyle 202 Race Vario:
– 100% UVA, UVB, UVC
– طراحی و مهندسی آلمانی
– لنز فوتوکرومیک
– طیف نوری (کتگوری): ۱ به ۳
– لنز Supervision (لنز ضدبخار با وضوح بالا)
– روکش مخصوص باعث پاک شدن راحت لنز گردیده و از به جا ماندن اثرانگشت و رطوبت محافظت میکند
– پل بینی قابل تنظیم
– انتهای دسته های عینک قابل تنظیم
– لنز ضدخش و نشکن، مقاوم در برابر ضربه

Perfect fit.
Featuring flexible legs and adjustable nose pads, and supplied with a retention strap, uvex sportstyle 202 race vario fits perfectly at all times. The lenses tint themselves in response to variable light conditions. Decentred lenses and 100% UV protection provide perfect, distortion-free vision – an indispensible equipment for every bike ride.




 100% UVA, UVB, UVC Protection

 Engineered in Germany




 Easy To Clean

 Adaptable Soft Nosepads

 Adjustable, cold formable Soft Earpieces


• 100% UV protection

UV-absorbing filters built directly into the raw material protect the retina 100 % from damaging UV rays up to 400 nm. All lenses give 100 % UVA, UVB and UVC protection. It is also the basis of our company name. uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded.

• Variomatic® – Automatic lens tinting

Variomatic® lens technology automatically reacts to every light situation. The photochromic lenses dose the shading in three levels of protection, from S1 to S3, according to the light conditions. Of course, all uvex lenses provide 100 % protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

• Supravision® – Ultimate anti-fog coating

Special surface treatment ensures fog-free vision – without altering the optical quality of the lens.

• Litemirror

Mirrored lenses look trendy – while working hard. They offer extra protection from infrared rays. Reflecting them and keeping them away from the eyes.

• Easy to Clean – Clear vision all the time

Special surface coating makes moisture and fingerprints easy to remove from the lens. Easy to clean coating is anti-static – repels dirt and dust – for the clearest vision in the most extreme conditions.

• Adaptable Soft Nose Pads and Soft Earpieces

Eyewear fits perfectly when you can’t feel you’re wearing it. Soft nose pads and soft ear pieces ensure pressure-free comfort. Many models feature cold-formable soft-finish legs – easy to ensure the perfect fit.

• Safety Tested

uvex eyewear undergoes special tests in their uvex testing center. They can fully guarantee quality-tested safety and function. Testing generates new insights and data which help them develop the next generation of innovative technologies.

• Break Resistant – Impact 162 km/h

uvex eyewear is tested in accordance with standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013. This includes a demanding impact test: a 6 mm steel ball, weighing 0.86 g is fired at the lens at a speed of 45 m/s (162 km/h). Mechanical strength is assured – and your eyes are safe.

• Robust and scratch-proof

Lenses are made from durable polycarbonate, which maintains its mechanical strength down to temperatures as low as minus 40 °C. Special coating protects the lenses from damage – scratch resistant, without impairing optical clarity – in accordance with standard EN ISO 12312-1. Outer lens resists scratches and marks (excludes mirror lenses).

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