SCOTT CADENCE PLUS (CE) Helmet – vogue silver/reflective grey


کلاه اسکات کِیدِنس پلاس – نقره ای/خاکستری شبنما – Scott Cadence Plus (CE) Helmet – vogue silver/reflective grey

اسکات کیدنس پلاس جدید با استاندارد مسابقات جهانی برای دوچرخه سواران جاده و سه گانه طراحی و توسعه یافته است. اسکات از تخصص های آیرودینامیکی گسترده خود استفاده کرده تا یکی از آیرودینامیک ترین و بهترین کلاه ایمنی در کلاس خود را بسازد. این امر از طریق بهینه سازی جریان هوا در خارج و داخل کلاه ایمنی حاصل شده است. MIPS ® AIR مزایای یک سیستم محافظت از مغز MIPS را فراهم می کند و ساختاری منحصر به فرد برای تهویه بهینه دارد.

ویژگی ها:

  • سیستم محافظت از مغز MIPS با تکنولوژی اسکات AIR

  • تهویه بهینه

  • طراحی آیرودینامیک

  • درپوش های آیرودینامیک

  • پد آنتی باکتریال X-Static

  • وزن: ۲۸۰ گرم

SCOTT CADENCE PLUS (CE) Helmet – vogue silver/reflective grey

The Cadence PLUS was designed and developed for SCOTT’s world class road racers and triathletes.

SCOTT leveraged their extensive aerodynamic expertise to make one of the fastest and best ventilated helmets in its class. This was achieved through optimization of airflow on both the outside and the inside of the helmet. MIPS® with SCOTT AIR technology provides the benefits of a MIPS® brain protection system and features a unique construction to further enhance ventilation.


  • MIPS® Brain Protection System with SCOTT AIR Technology
  • Optimized Ventilation
  • Aero Optimized
  • AERO Plugs
  • X-Static® anti-bacterial padding
  • On Vogue Silver color All-round reflective details

Range of Use: Road

Construction: In-Mold Technology (During the in-mold manufacturing process, the outer shell of polycarbonate material is fused with the helmet’s impact absorbent foam liner, creating a super lightweight outer shell. With reduced weight and bulk surrounding the head, in-mold helmets are more comfortable than traditional helmets.), Polycarbonate Micro Shell, MIPS® Brain Protection System (The Brain is suspended in a low friction cerebrospinal fluid which allows your brain to slide within your skull to protect the brain under impact. MIPS® Brain Protection System is a unique technology intended to protect your brain against angled impacts by imitating the brains natural low friction barrier, thereby reducing the shock transmitted to your brain. Under angled impact the helmet slides on the MIPS® low friction layer minimizing the rotational violence transfered to the brain.)

Fit System: HALO 360 (Our top of the line HALO Fit System provides ease of adjustability and unparallelled comfort. Easily find the perfect height of the rear ergonomic cradle while the helmet is on your head and dial in the perfect pressure using the beautifully engineered micro adjustment dial. The result is our best feeling helmet ever, a helmet which adapts to your head shape and leaves you feeling secure and focusing on the ride.)

Weight: 280g

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SCOTT CADENCE PLUS (CE) Helmet - vogue silver/reflective grey
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