مناسب برای: کوهستان (دانهیل، اندرو، تریل)
استاندارد: CE, CE EN 1078, TÜV GS
آفتاب گیر: دارد
تعداد دریچه: ۱۷
فک دار (با قابلیت جداشونده)
وزن: ۴۶۰ گرم
ساخت: آلمان

تکنولوژی کلاه آلپینا King Carapax:
– محافظ اضافه در لبه های کلاه برای حذف و کنترل فشارهای اعمالی جانبی به کلاه (EDGE PROTECT)
– دارای پدهای آنتی باکتریال ، جدا شونده برای شستشو که سازگار با پوست سر میباشند (ANTIBACTERIAL INTERIOR)
– پوسته داخلی پلی استرین برای مقاومت بیشتر و محافظت بیشتر سر (HI – EPS)
– استفاده از حرارت بالا در تولید پلی کربنات در پوسته خارجی برای بالا بردن ایمنی و وزن سبکتر (IN MODE TEC)
– پوسته خارجی مقاوم در برابر خش و ضربه (CERAMIC SHELL)
– اسکلت استخوانی قابل تنظیم متناسب با اندازه سر (RUN SYSTEM ERGO)
– قفل كن تسمه حفظ کلاه روی سر، ضد پیچ خوردگی با قابلیت باز کردن راحت با یک دست که در سقوط و با ضربه باز نمیشود (ERGOMATIC)
– تسمه حفظ کلاه روی سر قابل تنظیم متناسب با کشیدگی صورت و اندازه گوش (Y – CLIP)
– دارای حفره های هوا برای تبادل هوا و جلوگیری از تعریق (AIR FLOW VENTS)
– نقاب دار (SHIELD PROTECT)
– توری قرار گرفته در حفره های تهویه هوا برای تبادل هوا و جلوگیری ورود و گزش حشرات (FLY NET)
– تنظیم درجه شیب و بالا یا پایین کردن رگلاژ (CUSTOM FIT SYSTEM)

Alpina King Carapax technologies:

      • HI-EPS
        Alpina helmets have inner shells made of Hi-EPS (highly expanded polystyrene). This material consists of many microscopically small air chambers which effectively absorb the forces caused by an impact. Hi-EPS provides optimum protection with the benefit of allowing extra-thin walls.
      • CERAMIC
        This impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell is fitted to all Alpina helmets manufactured using the Inmold procedure. The blank workpieces are shaped at high temperature onto the form of the helmet design and the shells are then pressed onto the helmet’s Hi-EPS body. The material combines a number of distinct advantages: it is impact- and scratch-resistant, it contains UV stabilisers and is anti-static.
      • INMOLD TEC
        The Inmold production process involves the polycarbonate outer shell of the helmet being heated to a high temperature and “baked” onto the EPS helmet body at high pressure. This produces a permanent bond across the entire surface of the inner and outer shells, producing a helmet with the advantage of being very light yet extremely stable.
        The removable slide-in visor protects the face both from splashing mud and from solar radiation.
        This manufacturing process ensures that there are no sharp edges to be found on Inmold helmets, reducing the risk of getting hurt in two ways: firstly, handling the helmet is always comfortable on the hands, and secondly, the bottom edge of the helmet will not cause scratches to the neck and shoulder areas in the event of a crash.
        The Run System allows the size of all Alpina helmets to be individually adjusted using a smooth-running rotating wheel. The two large wing-shaped headrests are striking features of the high-quality Ergo Pro Run System. They are made of a two-component mix of plastic and rubber. This guarantees maximum comfort
        Tried and tested countless times, this is the buckle used in all Alpina cycle helmets. It features a red push button and multi-step automatic adjustment. It can be used one-handed, so for example you can loosen the strap when riding uphill and tighten it again for the descent, and it cannot come open in the event of a crash.
      • Y-CLIP
        A helmet can only provide proper protection if it stays securely in place in the event of an impact. The fastening that joins the two straps under the ear is critical to this. Alpina’s Y-Clip system guarantees a perfect fit down to the last millimetre, all in a matter of seconds.
      • CUSTOM FIT
        As heads vary in shape they need an adjustment system that is flexible. In combination with the Run Systems, Custom Fit ensures a slip-free snug fit. The rear neck support can be adjusted to several angles of incline so that it fits snugly and without undue pressure.
      • FLY NET
        The front ventilation holes have a mesh lining which effectively works as an insect screen to protect the wearer’s head from insect bites when riding in hot or humid conditions.
        The padding is designed to prevent the development of bacteria and odour caused by sweat. The helmet pads have been dermatologically tested and have excellent skin compatibility. They can also be easily removed and washed at a maximum temperature of 40° C.
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