ELITE VICO CARBON Bottle Cage – matte black/white



بست قمقمه اِلیت ویکو کربن – مشکی مات/سفید – Elite Vico Carbon Bottle Cage – matte black/white

بست قمقمه کربن الیت ویکو کربن اولین انتخاب جا قمقمه کربنی است که توسط بهترین تیم های تور جهانی استفاده می شود. بازخورد ارائه شده توسط قهرمانان امکان طراحی و ساخت این بست قمقمه را فراهم کرد تا بتواند تمام نیازهای دوچرخه سواران را برآورده کند.

ویژگی ها:

  • وزن فوق العاده سبک (۲۳ گرم)

  • نگهداری ایمن قمقمه

  • طراحی منحصر به فرد

  • ساخته شده از کربن

The Elite Vico Carbon Water Bottle Cage is the first-choice carbon bottlecage used by the best World Tour teams.  Feedback given by champions made it possible to design and manufacture this bottle cage, so it could meet all riders’ needs.


  • Patented design: new patented design enhances the bottle cage with a firmer grip even in extreme conditions, as well as easier and smoother bottle insertion/removal.
  • Ultra-lightweight: only 23 grams, it features structural sections that vary according to the tension level applied to different areas of the bottle cage during use, ensuring high reliability and performance.
  • Secure bottle retention: new design features a front structure that wraps the bottle higher up to improve bottle retention even in challenging conditions, such as high-speed descents, rough terrain or off-road paths.
  • Quick and easy bottle insertion and removal: a unique shape makes it easy and safe to insert and remove the bottle with just a simple move, so you won’t be distracted from the road ahead during your rides. The bottle can be inserted and removed from either the front or the sides of the cage.
  • Superior finish: precise design, full attention to detail  and new edgy graphics lend the VICO bottle cage a superior finish that makes it stand out from the competition.
  • Ideal for cutting-edge bikes: a unique design and edgy graphics makes this bottle cage perfect for cutting-edge bikes and also ideal for small sloping frames with smaller central triangles.
  • Wide range of placement options: the shape of the mounting holes ensures a wide range of placement options. Mount one on the seat tube and one on the down tube to carry two bottles at the same time, making sure you have enough water to get you through your trip.
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Elite Vico Carbon Bottle Cage – Matte Black/White
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