ELITE VERO Bottle – 700ml – Transparent Smoke

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قمقمه الیت وِرو – ۷۰۰ میلی لیتر – دودی شفاف – Elite Vero Bottle – 700ml – Transparent Smoke

قمقمه الیت Vero از تریتان ساخته شده است، این بطری برای تماس با تمام محصولات غذایی یا نوشیدنی با استانداردهای فعلی (استاندارد های اتحادیه اروپا، استاندارد های FDA آمریکا، قوانین کانادا، ژاپن و چین) کاملاً طبی و ایمن است.

  • ظرفیت: ۷۰۰ میلی لیتر

  • قمقمه تریتان طعم اصلی نوشیدنی شما را حفظ می کند.

  • شفافیت شیشه مانند

The Vero bottle is manufactured of Tritan, the bottle is completely safe for contact with all food products or beverages in compliance with current norms (European EC norms, American FDA norms, Canada, Japan and China regulations).

Maximum transparency:
The crystal clear transparency of the bottle is similar to that of the highest quality glass containers, but with less weight, higher strength and superior safety of use than glass (particularly meaningful when used during activity or by children). With capacity indicator.

Preservation of taste:
The materials used to make containers for beverages often alter the smell or taste of the liquid contained, particularly in case of hot liquids. The Tritan used by Elite in the manufacture of this bottle does not alter in any way the organoleptic characteristics of the liquid contained, and the original taste of the contents is preserved for long periods.

Strength and durability:
The high resistance of Tritan to impact, and the very latest in production processes ensure the long-term strength and durability of the water bottle.

Wide mouth:
The large opening of the water bottle means filling the bottle is quick and easy even when ice cubes are used with beverages. The large mouth also eases cleaning.

Very hygienic:
Cleaning and long-term maintenance of a Tritan water bottle is much simpler and more effective than plastic waterbottles currently on the market. BPA-free, tasteless and odorless. Dishwasher safe, even at high temperatures.

Features of the Elite Vero Bottle:

  • Tritan bottle preserves your drink’s original taste.
  • Clear glass-like transparency
  • Capacity: 700 ml
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